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Happy New year! Wedding Season 2015 Review.

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Hello out there!

It has been a long while since I have been able to sit down and share with you some fun stories and photos from wedding season 2015! What a year it was! Here are a few stories and pictures from the year. I can’t seem to find photos of every single bride I was lucky to meet, but trust me, it was a year full of beautiful hair!

The season started for me in February with Ashley and Michelle’s wedding.  It snowed like crazy on Ashley’s big day but she was a beautiful bride! I did not style Michelle’s pretty short hair, but her bridesmaids were pretty amazing. It was wonderful to be a part of that day.

In April I got to meet the lovely Marissa. At her trial, we practiced a style with her hair all down and curled. On the day of the wedding, she decided to where an updo. I loved it!


Kathryn, Andrea, Lauren, Shannon, and Melissa were my May brides this year. I loved the sparkling headband worn by Kathryn and the giant flower worn by Lauren was really breathtaking! Shannon had my favorite half up/half down style for the year. She looked amazing! My wonderful friend Melissa was the final bride for the month.

Artist's Choice (13).jpg

Photo by Kristen Wynn Photography.




Artist's Choice (9)

Photo by Kristen Wynn Photography.

June proved to be a super rainy month for my brides. But even with all of the not so fun weather, these brides shined through and chose some pretty styles. Stephanie’s updo was super soft and Jackie’s vintage look was one of my favorites. Maureen had lots of texture and Blair’s beautiful long hair was show stopping in a half up style.





Michelle and Amy were my only two brides for the whole month of July. While I can’t seem to find a pic of Amy, here is a pic of the braided updo that Michelle wore!


August was so busy! Tiffany, Casey, Laura and Erica all wore their long hair in half up/half down styles.  So pretty and each unique. I loved the double braid in Jen’s updo. I was lucky to style for several parts of Hina’s wedding celebration. This was a crazy busy but very fun month!







September was busy too! Michelle had one of my favorite looks for the year. I am a sucker for a cage veil! I also got to style a few times for Nabihah during her wedding weekend. I don’t have any photos from Lori’s big day, but I remember that she and her bridal party were so nice! Heather’s headband looked perfect with her soft curls.




October is always my favorite month as I am a former October bride myself. Justina changed things up on her wedding day and instead of wearing the low updo we practiced at the trial, went for a much higher updo that I loved. Nicole also had an amazing updo, while Eleni and Hayley went for long curls. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos from Abbey’s big day but let me tell you, she was the most calm and sweet bride.




The final month of wedding season 2015 was November. Lauren, Janaya and Liz were the November brides. Lauren’s family were amazing to spend time with. I wish I had photos of all of their hair but I can’t find any! Janaya’s Oglebay wedding was fun. Her updo was the best! These pics do not do it justice. Final bride of the year was Liz. If there was an award for “Most Laid Back” Liz would win hands down. It was the perfect day to wrap up an amazing wedding season.



I am so thankful to have the best job ever working with the best brides. I am lucky to get to be a small part of a big day for these lovely ladies. I’m sure that some of these brides were stressed but they all were beautiful. Thank you to each and every one of you for choosing me to be a part of your day. Happy New Year to you all and may your marriage be as fun and as beautiful as your wedding day.

I am so excited with 2016 approaching to see what the wedding season will hold for me. I am looking forward to meeting and getting to know each of the brides-to-be as they get ready for their big day.

Happy new year and all the best wishes to all of you! ❤ ❤


Alexa’s Big Day!

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Alexa contacted me back in February when she was searching for an on-location stylist for her June 16, 2012 wedding. In many of her emails she mentioned that she was having a garden wedding and wanted her hair style to reflect that. After meeting with her for the trial I was really excited for the big day to arrive.

On the day of the ceremony I arrived early to begin styling for Alexa and her bridal party. The bride wanted to have lots of curls and texture incorporated throughout the style. She also wanted some of the hair to fall down on her right shoulder. After twisting and pinning the curls I completed the look with a beautiful white, dried flower that her husband-to-be helped to pick out. Above the flower she wore a great hair pin with two birds and between them was a blue stone.


Missy, one of the bridesmaids was next to be styled. She wanted to keep all of her hair up in the back and a deep side part in the front. I curled all of it in large barrel curls then weaved them all around each other.

The next member of the bridal party was Kate. She wanted to leave the bulk of her hair down for the day. After curling all of it I took the two sides and braided them loosely then pinned her long bangs back so her hair would be out of her face. Her style was finished by also wearing a pretty dried flower tucked into one of the braids.

The final bridesmaid of the day was Alexis. Her hair was pretty short but she wanted to wear it all up with a lot of volume. I teased the bulk of her hair and smoothed it to the back. Then using the bottom length of her hair I twisted and pinned to create little flips to keep the hair off of her neck.


I love when I get to spend the day with a tight group of friends like these ladies. It not only makes my job fun but very easy to do. Thanks to Alexa for choosing me to be there as the stylist.