Lynsey’s Big Day!

Early in September, I traveled to Lower Burrell To hang out with Lynsey on her wedding day. I had such a great time with her a month or so back when we met for a trial run of her wedding day hair. So I knew that her wedding day was going to be a great day.


For her wedding, she decided to wear a cute updo.

IMG_20140913_110140_456 IMG_20140913_110146_494 IMG_20140913_110154_871


Lynsey’s bridal party included her two sisters and a few of her closest friends. They were all really fun girls to be around. Here are some photos of the styles they wore to stand beside her as she said her vows.

IMG_20140913_091403_199 IMG_20140913_091409_639 IMG_20140913_091420_734 IMG_20140913_105742_096 IMG_20140913_110249_776 IMG_20140913_110300_096 IMG_20140913_110340_731 IMG_20140913_110407_202


Each of these ladies were awesome to work with. I am so happy that I got to be a small part of Lynsey’s big day. Best of wishes to her for a long and very happy marriage!

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