Jackie’s Big Day!

This year on Independence Day, I got to spend the morning with awesome bride Jackie as she and her bridal party got ready for the big day!

When Jackie and I met for a trial in June, she had decided to wear her hair in bug curls with the front pinned back. On the big day, she wore a veil and a small white flower with that style.


IMG_20140704_120417_906-1 IMG_20140704_120424_550-1


Jackie also had a really fun bridal party. Each one of her bridesmaids choose a different updo.


IMG_20140704_102412_346-1 IMG_20140704_102421_583-1 IMG_20140704_102434_272-1 IMG_20140704_102439_914-1 IMG_20140704_105531_001-1 IMG_20140704_105540_199-1 IMG_20140704_111321_942-1 IMG_20140704_111337_555-1


I even got to do a lovely style for her sweet flower girl!



Overall it was a great day. I am happy to have been a small part of Jackie’s wedding day!

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