Katharine’s Big Day!

Today I got the pleasure of hanging out with a great family. Bride Katharine and I met a couple short weeks ago to do a trial run of her hair and makeup. During that meeting, I learned how close and fun her friends and family are. Because of that, I knew today would be fun.


For Katharine’s hair, we decided to have the side set bun be a little bit more full than at the trial. I really liked the braid along with the sparkling hair pin.


DSC01766 DSC01767 DSC01768


I also got to style her sister-in-law Katie’s hair. She showed me a picture of a cute updo that was full on top and set low on the back of her head. She also had a great hair pin.

DSC01772 DSC01773


Katharine’s sister, Elizabeth chose to wear her hair all to the right side in a massive bun. Accenting her hair was a great flower fascinator.

DSC01778 DSC01780


Finally, sister of the groom Molly showed me a photos of an updo that included a braid on one side.

DSC01776 DSC01777


These ladies were all very laid back and happy to spend the day together. I am very happy to have met all of them. Thank you to Katharine for letting me be a part of her big day. I wish for her a long and happy marriage!


DSC01762 DSC01764

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