Hadly: The Prom

Today I got to spend the morning helping Hadly get ready for her first prom. Her mom Lori sent a few photos to me last week of hair styles that Hadly liked. this morning we sat down and decided that she would wear her hair up in the back, with volume at the crown. She was very sure that she wanted a few braids woven throughout that style.


DSC01681 DSC01678


Hadly’s prom dress was a gorgeous blue color, covered in rhinestones and sequins. For her makeup, she wanted a dramatic look for her eyes and soft pink for her lips.


DSC01675 DSC01679


Overall, we were all more than pleased with how things turned out. Thank you to Hadly for letting me be a part of such a special day.



One Response to “Hadly: The Prom”

  1. Lori Seekely Says:

    I cannot adequately express the contribution Elisha made to my daughter’s prom day! Elisha arrived at our house promptly and immediately put Hadly at ease (so easy to talk to!) She made it clear that her goal was to create the style that Hadly was looking for and she did! Elisha is so talented and I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking for a unique and special look. Hadly’s hair looked perfect all day, even after taking photos outside in high wind!

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