Courtney’s Big Day!

The last wedding that I got to be a part of in the month of September was Courtney’s! I met her through mutual friends so when she asked me to style her hair and makeup, I knew this would be a fun day. I wasn’t wrong either, in the hotel room we watched college football and the bride’s itinerary included Fantasy Football updates. To say that she was laid back would be correct but I would say she was more comfortable in the knowledge that she was getting married and everything else would just fall in line.

When we got together in August for a trial run of a few styles, she was undecided as to whether she would wear her hair mostly down in curls, pulling up only a few strands from the front or in a side ponytail.

On the morning of the wedding I traveled to the South Hills to style her hair along with some of her closest friends and family. Courtney had decided to go with the side pony tail type of style.


One of he other ladies that I got the pleasure of styling was Katie. She had really long and thick hair. She wanted to wear the majority of it down and to have the sides pulled back in two braids.


One of Courtney’s cousin’s Jamie was also there that morning. She too wanted to have most of her hair down have some of it pulled up on top to create a fun little pouf of hair right on top.


One of her long time friend Alyssa was next. She had shorter hair but we still gave the appearance of fuller hair by making a fun updo


Finally was another friend, Erica. She also wears her hair on the shorter side. I tucked her hair into a smooth updo as well.


This wedding day was a lot of fun for me. Seeing a bride completely relaxed and enjoying time with friends and family is exactly why I love what I do. Congratulations to Courtney and once again, thank you for letting me be a little part of the big day!

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