Kari’s Big Day!

Near the end of February, I was contacted by Kari as she was looking for a hair stylist. I was happy to finally meet her at the beginning of this month for a trial run of her hair. Since I had been talking with her over email for 6 months, I knew that we were going to get along really well. What I love about Kari is that she really knows her personal style well. She chose not to grow her hair out for some specific updo but to keep her daily “bob” and spice that up with curls and tons of texture for her big day. To keep with the vintage style of her wedding gown, she choose to wear a fascinator with a little sparkle and lots of ivory feather on the side.

I also got to style friend Nicole’s hair. She had no idea what she wanted to do with her hair for that day, so she told me to do whatever I wanted to do. This, was very exciting! I decided to keep her hair very smooth with a updo.

Next was Matilyn. She told me about her blue dress, shoes and the blue head band with “diamonds” that she was going to wear. This 8-year-old also knew exactly what she wanted for the day. She wanted a high-placed updo with lots of curls and a deep part in the front.

Finally to end the day was friend of the bride Sarah. She also had a plan for her hair. She wanted a very high, half up style reminiscent of the 60’s era. Lots of volume on top leaving the back down with a slight flip at the ends.

I had a really great time with Kari and her friends and family before her ceremony began. Thanks again for choosing me to be a small part of you big day!

Makeup by Pittsburgh Makeup!


Oh! And here is my assistant for the day Ramses! His work was Purrfect. Ha!

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