Lisa’s Big Day!

On July 7th I got to spend the day with Lisa and her family as they got ready for her ceremony.

When Lisa first contacted me to be the stylist for her wedding day she told me how her day was all about her family. She and her husband-to-be were going to be married at their church which is walking distance from the home they share with the children that they both bring from previous marriages.

During our email exchanges, Lisa showed me a photo of the hair style that she envisioned herself wearing. She wanted to also add fresh flowers and a tiara to the look. So on the day of the wedding she stopped by the florist early in the day and picked up several small white and red rose buds.



I also got to meet Lisa’s daughter Lauren. She wanted lots of tight spiral curls with both sides to be pinned back. I used a few of the white roses to finish her look.


Finally the flower girl is Lisa’s youngest, Danica. She found an adorable photo of an updo online for inspiration. Lots of curls piled on top and accented by a large white flower. So cute!


It was really great to meet Lisa and her family. It is always great to spend time with such a strong family on a special day. Thank you again for choosing me to be a small part of the day!

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