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Kiki: Trial “Princess-y Bride”

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I always love a bride who is quick to plan ahead of time, so when I was contacted by Kiki in January about her July wedding I knew that we would get along well. This month she was in town visiting and planning from Jacksonville, FL when we got together for a trial run of her big day hair and makeup.

Throughout our correspondence, Kiki had been telling me about how she envisioned wearing her hair half up, with big romantic curls falling down on her shoulders. She would also be wearing a sparkling head band to pull together the “princess-y” look.

On a daily basis, Kiki does not normally wear a lot of makeup. So for the trial run she wanted to try some natural browns and bronze colors to define her eyes.


I am looking forward to the wedding day in mid July when I will get to meet the rest of her large bridal party. July will be here in no time!

Alexa’s Big Day!

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Alexa contacted me back in February when she was searching for an on-location stylist for her June 16, 2012 wedding. In many of her emails she mentioned that she was having a garden wedding and wanted her hair style to reflect that. After meeting with her for the trial I was really excited for the big day to arrive.

On the day of the ceremony I arrived early to begin styling for Alexa and her bridal party. The bride wanted to have lots of curls and texture incorporated throughout the style. She also wanted some of the hair to fall down on her right shoulder. After twisting and pinning the curls I completed the look with a beautiful white, dried flower that her husband-to-be helped to pick out. Above the flower she wore a great hair pin with two birds and between them was a blue stone.


Missy, one of the bridesmaids was next to be styled. She wanted to keep all of her hair up in the back and a deep side part in the front. I curled all of it in large barrel curls then weaved them all around each other.

The next member of the bridal party was Kate. She wanted to leave the bulk of her hair down for the day. After curling all of it I took the two sides and braided them loosely then pinned her long bangs back so her hair would be out of her face. Her style was finished by also wearing a pretty dried flower tucked into one of the braids.

The final bridesmaid of the day was Alexis. Her hair was pretty short but she wanted to wear it all up with a lot of volume. I teased the bulk of her hair and smoothed it to the back. Then using the bottom length of her hair I twisted and pinned to create little flips to keep the hair off of her neck.


I love when I get to spend the day with a tight group of friends like these ladies. It not only makes my job fun but very easy to do. Thanks to Alexa for choosing me to be there as the stylist.

Annie’s Big Day!

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Earlier this month I got the pleasure of being the stylist for Annie’s big day in Eastern W.V. I was first contacted by the MOH Liz. She was helping the bride-to-be find a stylist since both ladies would be coming in from out-of-town Since Annie lives in CA, I knew that I wouldn’t get to meet with her till the week of the wedding itself.

On the Wednesday before their nuptials, I drove the 2 hours down to meet Annie and her mom for the first time. We spent several hours in the afternoon practicing both hair and makeup. Finally deciding on wearing her hair all up and to accent to updo with a sparkly floral clip that her Grandmother choose for her. We also practiced her Mom Adele’s makeup before I headed back to Pittsburgh.

Then on Saturday June 9, I traveled to help Liz, Adele and Annie get ready before the ceremony. When styling for the MOB, she was concerned that her hair would be too puffy. So I used a flat-iron to create slight volume at the crown and pulled her bangs into place. He makeup was really fun. I used browns, golds and bronzes to highlight her eyes.


Next up was Liz.  She decided to wear her hair up and to the right side.We used a very deep side part to swoop the front of her hair back. Then I wove all of the curls and twists to create a fun but classic look.

As for her makeup, we wanted to keep it pretty simple but again have a classic twist to it. So I used a smokey eye liner and subtle brown shade to make a pretty cat-eye. The look was finished with a nude but glossy lip.


Finally it was time for the bride. As I mentioned she wanted to wear her hair all up. I curled all of her hair and piled it straight in the back. Texture throughout the whole updo was important to her. All of the hair was pulled from the sides and the front were twisted and pinned to create that look.

For her makeup up she wanted a more dramatic look. So with lots of liner, I made the eyes very smokey and finished with a rosy lip color.


I had a blast with these ladies and I am so happy that I got to meet and spend time with them. Thanks again to Annie for choosing me to be a small part of such a big day!


Jacqui’s Big Day!

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June 2, 2012 was Jacqui’s wedding day and I was lucky to be the stylist! She and I had gotten together back in April to practice a style that she had chosen for the big day. Since then, we had spoke a few times over email about changes that she wanted to make. On this day she brought with her two photos of side swept pony tails. Her gown that day was one shoulder and chiffon. So choosing to wear her hair down her right shoulder was a really great choice.


I love the way that it turned out and the barrette that she wore was really beautiful. This is a great example of a bride who knows what she wants and since she couldn’t get a specific style out of her mind,  we changed it the morning of the wedding.

Jacqui was a really relaxed and fun bride. I am glad to have met her! Thanks again for letting me be part of such a fun day.