Felicia: Trial “To Style Another Stylist”

On Sunday I ventured out to Monroeville to meet with Felicia to do a trial run of her wedding hair and makeup.

For the past few months we have been in touch over emails, but this was the first time that we had met in person. As usual, before I began styling we sat down to discuss the events of the big day. Then she told me about how she was also a hair stylist! I must admit, when I do the hair of another stylist I tend to get a little nervous because of their similar training.

She couldn’t find more than one photo to show me what she wanted her hair to look like,  so she described a high set updo. She did not want the whole style pulled too tightly to her head. Also, she wanted lots of texture and for it to look “not too perfect.”

While curling her long hair she continued to give more detailed ideas on how the style should sit on her head. It was pretty easy to follow along. Felicia told me she would not be wearing a veil but she was looking for a flower to wear in her hair. I always have some sort of flowers in my bag, so we placed a large white flower in the back of the updo just for fun.



Next Felicia and I discussed her makeup. She had a photo of beautiful purple smokey eyed makeup that she wanted to try. She wanted to bring a lot of focus on her eyes, so we used a lot of liner and dark smokey shades. I think the dramatic look turned out nicely.


I had a blast hanging out with Felicia. I am looking forward to her June wedding when I will get to meet the rest of her bridal party. Thanks for choosing me to be the stylist for the day!


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