Alexa: Trial “A Garden Bride”

Alexa contacted me back in early February while planning for her June wedding. We finally got to meet last weekend to practice a couple of hair styles. In our email correspondence, she has sent several photos of styles that she wanted to try. Many of them had similarities but all would go well with her garden themed day. We decided to try one of the looks which would pull most of the hair up from the front and sides and have curls falling down on her right shoulder. This half up style will be the look for the ceremony.

Alexa has decided to change things up for the reception. We are going to continue to keep the style off to the right but finish the night with an updo.

I am really looking forward to Alexa’s wedding day. She is a really sweet bride and I look forward to meeting the rest of her friends and family. June will be here in no time!

One Response to “Alexa: Trial “A Garden Bride””

  1. Elisha I had so much fun on our trial day. You made it so easy. I thought a hair “trial” was going to be just that, but your were so engaging and talented that you put me at ease and I didn’t have to worry about a thing! Thank you again

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