Jane’s Big Day!

Early Saturday morning I headed to Squirrel Hill to be the stylist for Jane’s wedding day. There were many people traveling far distances for this day including the grooms family traveling from Illinois and some friends coming all the way from Hong Kong!

The first person I styled on this day traveled from Indiana, the mother of the bride, Rainbow. She brought with her a photo of herself wearing an updo from the past she had enjoyed. She wanted to wear all of her hair up and in large barrel curls. We added an accent flower just behind her right ear to finish the look.

Up next was sister-in-law Mandy. She wanted a simple style leaving most of her hair down in loose curls. Wanting to pull only a few strands up from the sides. I weaved those pieces together to make a fun little knotted flower-like design in the back.

Mary, also a sister of the groom was next. She wanted to see if we could make it look as though her shorter her could look like an updo. So we back combed the top to bring the volume up and twisted the back strands into fun spiked pieces. After pinning them all up and in different directions the look was really fun!

The next person to be styled was bridal party member Kristy. I had met her last week when she, Jane and I had gotten together for a trial run of the wedding day hair. As I styled her hair in the chosen off centered, low sitting updo it was decided to pin the curls tighter to give more of a pin curl look. The sides and front of her hair we also pulled tight to her head. The look was very dramatic especially after the accent flower was added right behind her right ear. I loved the way the curls reflected her highlighted blonde hair!

Last but certainly not least was the bride to be Jane. Keeping with her theme of the day, she wanted to stick with the practiced style, a low sitting 40’s like updo placed off-center to the left side. I created a lot of volume and the crown of her head and tons of curls and began pinning the bulk directly behind the left ear. Towards the end of the style, we pulled the front of her hair and pinned her bangs back loosely around her face. To complete the look and match her rosy lace dress, Jane chose a large pink flower to sit in the curls. It was an elegant yet fun updo.

This was a really fun morning and I am glad to have met these ladies. I have no doubt that they went on to have a great day full of fun and dancing! Thanks to Jane for choosing me to be a small part of such a big day. I wish you and tom all the love and luck in the world.

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