Audrey’s Big Day!

On Friday afternoon I headed to the north side of Pittsburgh to help Audrey and her bridal party get ready!

The wedding was to take place later in the evening in the Grand Hall at the Priory so the ladies were all relaxing in the penthouse of the Priory hotel. I got started by styling the bride’s sister Sheila. She wanted to keep with a very classic updo to match the style of the dress that she would be wearing for the day. I really loved the way the swoopy side bang completed the look.

Up next was another sister of the bride, Tammi. She has long, curly hair. To keep this hair up and out of her face for the day I pulled it all into a braid then wrapped from the right side around her head into a full bun. I then used the rest of her hair to create smaller braids that wear pulled loosely apart to cover the bun. This made a really fun textured look.

Finally Audrey and I sat down to work on her wedding day look, which was a low set updo. After her trial she wanted a lot more volume at the top and around her face. We also discussed leaving a few strands loosely pinned around her ears. The end look was really pretty and fit very well with not only her personality but also with the dress and homemade veil.

It was wonderful getting to spend the day with these ladies. I always love meeting a close family like this who have such a great time together. Thanks again to Audrey for letting me be a part of such a special day. I wish you and Nick a long and happy marriage!

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