Jane: Trial “Swing Dancing Bride-To-Be”

Last week I got to meet the very fun bride-to-be Jane. Her wedding is now less than a week away so we decided to get together for a quick run through of her hair style.

Joining us that night was her friend Kristy, who is also a member of the bridal party. Right from the moment I met these ladies, I knew we were going to have some fun. They are both currently med students so their schedules are packed with lectures, researching and studying. On top of all of that I heard great stories of rock climbing, running marathons and 12 years experience in swing dancing!

This is where the inspiration from Jane’s 40’s style updo came from. In our email correspondence she had sent several photos of low set, off centered updos. We discussed having a “messy” look to the style and she also wanted to leave some hair down, which accents her face. When I asked Jane which side she wanted to have the bulk of bun, she was quick to explain that in swing dancing you partner leads at the right. So she would need the updo to sit just below her left ear, this way he hair would not be in her husband-to-be’s face as they danced the night away. To finish the look for the night we tucked in several fresh flowers.

Next I worked with Kristy. We decided to try a similar look with her’s as well. With a few changes like pulling the top and sides tight and completely away from the face.

I adore the way both looks turned out. Like these two friends, both similar yet very different in unique ways. I am looking forward to next weekend and hang out with them both again!

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