Tanya’s Big Day!

Yesterday I got to hang out with Tanya as the stylist for her wedding day. It was back in October of 2011 that we first spoke about this day.

The day got started with Tanya’s little sister Zoe. She wanted her style to be fun and worn in a high updo with a lot of hair left down around her face. While I was working on this, my friend and talented stylist Nikki was working with Matron of honor Christine. She too wanted to wear her hair all up in a classic, low set updo.

While I started curling all of Tanya’s long hair for her half up style, Nikki started working on the groom’s sister Gretchen. She also had very long and thick hair. The style that she chose for the day was a sleek pony-tail with long curls. Tanya and I finished up her wedding day hair by pinning the sides and front back. She wanted to make sure to keep a vintage feel and include a few flower pins. The result was very pretty.

Finally, there was another sister of the groom, Sara. She had medium length blonde hair and also wanted to wear her hair all up. After talking briefly about the style she and Nikki decided to take the updo off to the right side and full of pincurls. The last style of the day was mother of the bride Jeri. Her choice too was an updo with volume in the back and on top with a few curls left on the sides.


It was a pleasure meeting and getting to know all of these woman. Thanks to Tanya for letting me be part of such a special day. I wish you and Jason all the love and a long, happy marriage. Enjoy each other wherever your travels take you!

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