Michelle M: Trial “A Tale Of Two Do’s”

Last night I spent the evening with Michelle who is planning her July wedding from about 475 miles away in North Carolina. Believe me when I tell you she is on top of things. This weekend she and her fiance would be meeting with Dj’s and tasting cakes but last night was all about hair and makeup.

We sat down and flipped through several photos. All of them with a common theme, Michelle was thinking of wearing her hair half up and leaving the rest of her long blonde hair down in curls. She also showed me photos of the jeweled headband that she has ordered for the wedding day.

I curled all of her hair and began pinning and twisting pieces of her hair to create knots in the back. The result was really pretty and she enjoyed it. Her patient groom-to-be was waiting up stairs so he would be surprised by her final wedding day appearance so we decided to throw together a faux updo to throw him off course. I quickly started pinning all of the curls up into a full updo. The results were quite dramatic. Even Michelle was surprised by how much she enjoyed this new look.

Overall it was a really productive evening and I was really happy to meet with Michelle. I am looking forward to meeting  the rest of her bridal party as they travel in from around the the country (Some as far as Minnesota and Colorado!) I also look forward to seeing if she decides to go with half up or the full updo.

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