Ashley C’s Big Day!

The last day of March 2012 was Ashley’s wedding day and I got to be the stylist.

Earlier in the month she, her mother and I got together for a trial run of her hair. At that time, she decided to wear her hair up with curls gathered in the back. On the day of the wedding, I styled Ashley’s hair with the same full curls,  but this time we decided to make it much more full on top. After the style was complete we added the tiara and she was ready to get married.

I was also lucky enough to meet a few of Ashley’s new relatives. Emma was to be the Jr. Bridesmaid that day. She had a lot of long and very curly hair that she wanted to wear up. After discussing a few options she decided to wear a braid on either side bringing the long hair around to the back. There I wound three large buns into a very fun updo.

 Next up was Kathy. She had a photo from a fragrance ad that inspired her style. It was a full and soft up style. She wanted to make sure that all of her hair was up and away from her face. I really love the way this style turned out.

Ashley’s wedding day was really fun. I’m glad to have met all of the lovely people who I styled. I wish the newly weds a long and happy marriage, full of love and happiness!



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