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Jen: Engagement Photo Styling

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On Sunday I traveled to Penn Hills to meet 2013 Bride-to-be Jen as she and her future husband got ready to enjoy the sunshine while having their engagement photos taken.

When she contacted me over email a few weeks ago Jen told me that she wanted to have her hair and makeup styled for this photo shoot but she didn’t want it to look like she had put too much effort behind it. Almost like she had done it herself. She referenced Reese Witherspoon’s general style and carefree look. So I curled all of her chin length her and then pulled all of the curl out o give it a bit of a wind-blown/disheveled feel. We then pull some strands across the top and from the front and twisted it into a cute little knot.

For her makeup I applied brown shadows that highlighted her bright blue eyes. Since we wanted to keep it simple and natural we used only a little bit of black liner that made her eyes really stand out. I think the overall look was very natural and pretty.


It was awesome meeting and hanging out with Jen for the afternoon. I am really looking forward to seeing the photos from yesterday. Even more so I am looking forward to her June 2013 wedding when we get to hang out again! Thanks for letting me be your stylist for the day!

Jane’s Big Day!

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Early Saturday morning I headed to Squirrel Hill to be the stylist for Jane’s wedding day. There were many people traveling far distances for this day including the grooms family traveling from Illinois and some friends coming all the way from Hong Kong!

The first person I styled on this day traveled from Indiana, the mother of the bride, Rainbow. She brought with her a photo of herself wearing an updo from the past she had enjoyed. She wanted to wear all of her hair up and in large barrel curls. We added an accent flower just behind her right ear to finish the look.

Up next was sister-in-law Mandy. She wanted a simple style leaving most of her hair down in loose curls. Wanting to pull only a few strands up from the sides. I weaved those pieces together to make a fun little knotted flower-like design in the back.

Mary, also a sister of the groom was next. She wanted to see if we could make it look as though her shorter her could look like an updo. So we back combed the top to bring the volume up and twisted the back strands into fun spiked pieces. After pinning them all up and in different directions the look was really fun!

The next person to be styled was bridal party member Kristy. I had met her last week when she, Jane and I had gotten together for a trial run of the wedding day hair. As I styled her hair in the chosen off centered, low sitting updo it was decided to pin the curls tighter to give more of a pin curl look. The sides and front of her hair we also pulled tight to her head. The look was very dramatic especially after the accent flower was added right behind her right ear. I loved the way the curls reflected her highlighted blonde hair!

Last but certainly not least was the bride to be Jane. Keeping with her theme of the day, she wanted to stick with the practiced style, a low sitting 40’s like updo placed off-center to the left side. I created a lot of volume and the crown of her head and tons of curls and began pinning the bulk directly behind the left ear. Towards the end of the style, we pulled the front of her hair and pinned her bangs back loosely around her face. To complete the look and match her rosy lace dress, Jane chose a large pink flower to sit in the curls. It was an elegant yet fun updo.

This was a really fun morning and I am glad to have met these ladies. I have no doubt that they went on to have a great day full of fun and dancing! Thanks to Jane for choosing me to be a small part of such a big day. I wish you and tom all the love and luck in the world.

Audrey’s Big Day!

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On Friday afternoon I headed to the north side of Pittsburgh to help Audrey and her bridal party get ready!

The wedding was to take place later in the evening in the Grand Hall at the Priory so the ladies were all relaxing in the penthouse of the Priory hotel. I got started by styling the bride’s sister Sheila. She wanted to keep with a very classic updo to match the style of the dress that she would be wearing for the day. I really loved the way the swoopy side bang completed the look.

Up next was another sister of the bride, Tammi. She has long, curly hair. To keep this hair up and out of her face for the day I pulled it all into a braid then wrapped from the right side around her head into a full bun. I then used the rest of her hair to create smaller braids that wear pulled loosely apart to cover the bun. This made a really fun textured look.

Finally Audrey and I sat down to work on her wedding day look, which was a low set updo. After her trial she wanted a lot more volume at the top and around her face. We also discussed leaving a few strands loosely pinned around her ears. The end look was really pretty and fit very well with not only her personality but also with the dress and homemade veil.

It was wonderful getting to spend the day with these ladies. I always love meeting a close family like this who have such a great time together. Thanks again to Audrey for letting me be a part of such a special day. I wish you and Nick a long and happy marriage!

Jacqui: Trial “From Chicagoland to the Burgh”

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On Saturday morning I got the pleasure of meeting with the lovely bride Jacqui. She had a whirlwind of a weekend planned but we were able to carve out some time to talk about hair.

She and her future husband are both from Pittsburgh but have been living in the Windy City for about 7 years. They decided to exchange vows here where both of their families would not have to travel far. Jacqui and I have been in touch almost exclusively through emails where she has told me that she would like to see her hair up on her wedding day. A lot of her inspiration photos were photos of both Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift, having a soft, elegant feeling yet with the wedding set to take place in June, she want to pull it all up.

After I finished this classic style I used the sparkly clip that she had picked out to accent the updo. I think it really pulled the whole look together.

It was great getting to know Jacqui while she was here this weekend and I look forward seeing her again in early June.


Jane: Trial “Swing Dancing Bride-To-Be”

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Last week I got to meet the very fun bride-to-be Jane. Her wedding is now less than a week away so we decided to get together for a quick run through of her hair style.

Joining us that night was her friend Kristy, who is also a member of the bridal party. Right from the moment I met these ladies, I knew we were going to have some fun. They are both currently med students so their schedules are packed with lectures, researching and studying. On top of all of that I heard great stories of rock climbing, running marathons and 12 years experience in swing dancing!

This is where the inspiration from Jane’s 40’s style updo came from. In our email correspondence she had sent several photos of low set, off centered updos. We discussed having a “messy” look to the style and she also wanted to leave some hair down, which accents her face. When I asked Jane which side she wanted to have the bulk of bun, she was quick to explain that in swing dancing you partner leads at the right. So she would need the updo to sit just below her left ear, this way he hair would not be in her husband-to-be’s face as they danced the night away. To finish the look for the night we tucked in several fresh flowers.

Next I worked with Kristy. We decided to try a similar look with her’s as well. With a few changes like pulling the top and sides tight and completely away from the face.

I adore the way both looks turned out. Like these two friends, both similar yet very different in unique ways. I am looking forward to next weekend and hang out with them both again!

Tanya’s Big Day!

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Yesterday I got to hang out with Tanya as the stylist for her wedding day. It was back in October of 2011 that we first spoke about this day.

The day got started with Tanya’s little sister Zoe. She wanted her style to be fun and worn in a high updo with a lot of hair left down around her face. While I was working on this, my friend and talented stylist Nikki was working with Matron of honor Christine. She too wanted to wear her hair all up in a classic, low set updo.

While I started curling all of Tanya’s long hair for her half up style, Nikki started working on the groom’s sister Gretchen. She also had very long and thick hair. The style that she chose for the day was a sleek pony-tail with long curls. Tanya and I finished up her wedding day hair by pinning the sides and front back. She wanted to make sure to keep a vintage feel and include a few flower pins. The result was very pretty.

Finally, there was another sister of the groom, Sara. She had medium length blonde hair and also wanted to wear her hair all up. After talking briefly about the style she and Nikki decided to take the updo off to the right side and full of pincurls. The last style of the day was mother of the bride Jeri. Her choice too was an updo with volume in the back and on top with a few curls left on the sides.


It was a pleasure meeting and getting to know all of these woman. Thanks to Tanya for letting me be part of such a special day. I wish you and Jason all the love and a long, happy marriage. Enjoy each other wherever your travels take you!

Michelle M: Trial “A Tale Of Two Do’s”

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Last night I spent the evening with Michelle who is planning her July wedding from about 475 miles away in North Carolina. Believe me when I tell you she is on top of things. This weekend she and her fiance would be meeting with Dj’s and tasting cakes but last night was all about hair and makeup.

We sat down and flipped through several photos. All of them with a common theme, Michelle was thinking of wearing her hair half up and leaving the rest of her long blonde hair down in curls. She also showed me photos of the jeweled headband that she has ordered for the wedding day.

I curled all of her hair and began pinning and twisting pieces of her hair to create knots in the back. The result was really pretty and she enjoyed it. Her patient groom-to-be was waiting up stairs so he would be surprised by her final wedding day appearance so we decided to throw together a faux updo to throw him off course. I quickly started pinning all of the curls up into a full updo. The results were quite dramatic. Even Michelle was surprised by how much she enjoyed this new look.

Overall it was a really productive evening and I was really happy to meet with Michelle. I am looking forward to meeting  the rest of her bridal party as they travel in from around the the country (Some as far as Minnesota and Colorado!) I also look forward to seeing if she decides to go with half up or the full updo.

Laura: Trial “A Girl’s Night In”

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Last week I got the pleasure of meeting loving bride-to-be Laura and her bridal party as they got together for a “Girl’s Night In” in Crafton. They decided to all hang out while she and I practiced her hair and makeup for the upcoming wedding in May. Not only that, but we played with hair and makeup for the entire bridal part as well.

With a very large stack of bridal magazines and a few photos printed off from the internet scattered around, we began styling a variety of updos. The Jr. Bridesmaids Claudia was up first. She pulled inspiration from a photo she saw of a style I did at Nicole’s Big Day in June of last year, lots of curl, pulled all to one side.

Bridesmaid Jody had visions of modern-day vintage with lots of soft curls and a pin-up style victory curl for her hair. Matron of Honor Krietia has chosen to have a fun braid wrapped around one side, pulling all of her hair into full curls at the opposite shoulder.

The Bride Laura went through all of the magazines and found a gorgeous style. A soft updo bringing all of her hair up and to the side, leaving her bangs swooped to on side. She is still looking for the perfect tiara to complete the look for her big day.

I had a blast hanging out with these ladies and I can not wait to see them all again. This wedding will be full of unique touches and lots of fun!

Ashley C’s Big Day!

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The last day of March 2012 was Ashley’s wedding day and I got to be the stylist.

Earlier in the month she, her mother and I got together for a trial run of her hair. At that time, she decided to wear her hair up with curls gathered in the back. On the day of the wedding, I styled Ashley’s hair with the same full curls,  but this time we decided to make it much more full on top. After the style was complete we added the tiara and she was ready to get married.

I was also lucky enough to meet a few of Ashley’s new relatives. Emma was to be the Jr. Bridesmaid that day. She had a lot of long and very curly hair that she wanted to wear up. After discussing a few options she decided to wear a braid on either side bringing the long hair around to the back. There I wound three large buns into a very fun updo.

 Next up was Kathy. She had a photo from a fragrance ad that inspired her style. It was a full and soft up style. She wanted to make sure that all of her hair was up and away from her face. I really love the way this style turned out.

Ashley’s wedding day was really fun. I’m glad to have met all of the lovely people who I styled. I wish the newly weds a long and happy marriage, full of love and happiness!