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Ashley: Trial

Posted in Beauty, Hair, Pittsburgh Hair stylist, Styling, Tiara Wedding Style, Wedding with tags , , , , on March 19, 2012 by Elisha Evans Styling

Ashley’s wedding is at the end of this month, so she and I got together over the weekend to practice the style for the big day. Her mom Kathy come along for the trial as well. They showed me photos of the gown that she will wear when she walks down the aisle and brought with them the tiara that she has decided to wear. She decided to forego tradition and not wear a veil.

Other than wearing it up with the tiara, she really had no other guidelines or preferences. So I began curling and pinning her very long hair. The end result was an updo that set right at the back of her head with all of her hair pulled away from her face.


Both Ashley and Kathy were pleased with the outcome. I am looking forward to the wedding day at the end of the March when I will get to spend time with these lovely ladies once again. Congratulations Ashley!

Tanya: Trial

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Tanya contacted me back in October of 2011 while she was searching for an on-location stylist for her April 2012 wedding in the North Hills of Pittsburgh. Since then we have kept in touch mostly over email. She has shared with me a few of her inspirational photos and a lot of the styles were heavily influenced by 1940’s glamor.

Today Tanya and I final met in person for a trial run of her hair and makeup. She explained that she wanted to leave most of her hair down but use the vintage inspiration to pull the front and the sides away from her face.

Tanya wanted the curls left down to be very soft and full. With her makeup she wanted a lot of focus to be on her eyes. Saying that she normally felt as if her eyes were smaller and in her wedding photos she wanted them to look larger and more dramatic.

We were all very pleased with the way the look turned out today. I am looking forward to Tanya’s wedding next month. I am certain that it is going to be a fun day!

Cassi: Date Night Updo

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Cassi and Mark got married in June of 2010 and I was lucky to be the stylist that day. Since then, she has let me have a lot of fun with her hair any time she needs a formal style.

This week Cassi was headed out for an evening with her husband. They were attending a work related banquet so she wanted a fun updo.

I love the way that this updo turned out! Not too formal but a lot of fun.