Rikki’s Big Day!

It was a very warm and sunny Black Friday this year, and it was Rikki’s wedding day! 

I curled all of Rikki’s hair with a cone iron because she wanted her curls to be loose and effortless. After that I began to build her style. Rikki mentioned at her trial that she would love to see additional height in her half up, half down style. So on her wedding day I created a very full “bump” and the crown. I then weaved several curls up in the back to give a base for her birdcage veil.


I’m so glad that the day turned out to be so beautiful for Rikki and her bridal party. They were a fun group of ladies.

Thanks to Rikki for letting me be a part of such a big day. Also thanks to Jeanie DeNuzzio from A Simple Vow for recommending me as a stylist for Rikki’s group.

I wish Rikki and her new husband Jeremy a lifetime full of love, fun and happiness! Congratulations!


One Response to “Rikki’s Big Day!”

  1. What a beautiful bride. Love the look xoxo

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