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A New Year Approaches.

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I couldn’t let this new year start without taking a second to chat about how awesome 2011 has been.

It was in January (right after the Steelers won the AFC Championship to be exact) that my husband and I found out that 2011 would be the year that our family would grow to 3. Of course we were nervous and maybe a little scared but most of all we were excited. I thought for sure all of the waiting to meet the little one would make this year the slowest ever. Boy was I wrong!

The end of winter and all of spring zoomed by and before I knew it May had arrived! In May I got the pleasure of meeting brides-to-be Nicole and Ashley for the trial run of each of their wedding styles. They had a lot in common in that the both wanted to wear the majority of their hair down.

On the day of Nicole’s wedding in June I traveled to Plum and got to meet the rest of her bridal party and some of her family. It was an early morning but the day was really nice. Her hair turned out beautifully and was one of my favorite half-up styles.

July was a fun month too! At Ashley’s wedding I not only got to do some fantastic hair but I got to meet up with my friend Kristen (Kristen Wynn Photography) Ashley’s hair also turned out really pretty but I will never forget the colors of her wedding. The big blue flower that she had me pin on side of her hair was one of my favorite headpieces of the year. Even the orange shoes that her bridal party got to wear were perfect and very memorable!

I also got to do a few more trials in July. My good friend Elicia was getting married later in the year and another good friend Anna needed a trial too! Both of these ladies wanted their styles to show the classic touches of their weddings to come.

In August I was feeling very pregnant but spending the day with bride Becky and her funny friends in Somerset was just what the doctor ordered. They were hilarious and I look forward to seeing them all again in 2012!

The second weekend in September I was 37 weeks pregnant and it was time for Stephanie’s big day. I had met Stephanie a month earlier and her trial went so smoothly that I knew this wedding would be a breeze! This couldn’t have been more true. I’ll never forget having to stop in the middle of styling her mom’s hair as the tears of happiness over took everyone in the room and mom needed a hug from the beautiful bride.

It was ony 4 days after Stephanie’s wedding that my son decided that he was ready to see the world. I had heard many stories of what birth would be like and none of them really painted the picture for the way it would be for me. It was a long 19 hours but Reed was born at 1:48am on Thursday Sept 15. Seeing my husband hold our son was hands down, the best moment of the year.

I took the month of October off to get to know Reed but the first week of November was here in no time. It was off to Winchester, VA to spend the day with Anna. They day went so smoothly with hardly any nerves in the air. Anna’s bridesmaid and now sister-in-law’s hair stands as one of my most favorite bridal party styles of the year and the memory bride’s dramatic side bun still brings a smile to my face.

On Black Friday this year I got to hang out with Rikki for the day. Her friends and family were very nice and I was pumped to be surrounded by happiness and love instead of fighting crowds in shopping malls. Her cage veil was my favorite veil of the year. It really showed how fun this girl is!

The final wedding of the year for me happened the Saturday after Thanksgiving. One of my best friends Elicia got married on that day. I was lucky enough not only to be the stylist but the Matron of Honor as well. It was a fast day with so many memories. Seeing my two great friends become husband and wife was beautiful and I couldn’t be happier for them both.

As you can see my year has been full of many great things. 2011 will go down as the fastest year of my life so far. I’m a lucky girl to have a life full of so much fun and happiness and I wouldn’t trade if for the world. As I look forward to the next year I know it will be full of amazing things.

Thank you Nicole, Ashley, Becky, Stephanie, Anna, Rikki and Elicia for letting me be a small part of such a big day for you all.

Holiday Wishes.

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I wanted to take a quick second to wish everyone a very happy holidays.

From my family to yours, may your days be full of fun, love and may your wishes all come true!


Elicia’s Big Day!

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The Saturday after Thanksgiving was Elicia’s wedding day and I was lucky enough to be there as a friend and as her stylist.

Elicia and I have known each other for quite a while now so when she got engaged in 2010 I was so excited for her and her now husband Jimmy. When she asked me to do her hair and makeup for her wedding I was very flattered and couldn’t wait to get started! At her trial in July 2011 Elicia and I tried a few different styles. At the end she decided to wear her hair up the entire day since her ceremony started at 12:30pm and the style needed to last well into the night.

I curled all of her hair into big barrel curls and pinned them up at the back of her head. I left all of down to be smoothed around her head to create a headband like look. The final touch was to add decorative pins in the curls.

Elicia is a pretty natural girl when it comes to makeup but for the wedding day we decided to glam it up with smokey purple.

I love how the look came together and am so thankful that I got to be a part of such a special day. I had such a blast at this wedding and I look forward to all of the fun times we will have in the future. Thank you to Elicia for choosing me to be the stylist. I wish you the happiest marriage full of love and fun!

Photos by Beth and Sam Insalaco (Beth Insalaco Photography)

More About Rikki’s Big Day

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My good friend Jeanie DeNuzzio of A Simple View shared with me some photos of ladies whose hair was also styled by Nikki or myself. She caught these during the celebration and I wanted to share them with you. 


Rikki’s Big Day!

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It was a very warm and sunny Black Friday this year, and it was Rikki’s wedding day! 

I curled all of Rikki’s hair with a cone iron because she wanted her curls to be loose and effortless. After that I began to build her style. Rikki mentioned at her trial that she would love to see additional height in her half up, half down style. So on her wedding day I created a very full “bump” and the crown. I then weaved several curls up in the back to give a base for her birdcage veil.


I’m so glad that the day turned out to be so beautiful for Rikki and her bridal party. They were a fun group of ladies.

Thanks to Rikki for letting me be a part of such a big day. Also thanks to Jeanie DeNuzzio from A Simple Vow for recommending me as a stylist for Rikki’s group.

I wish Rikki and her new husband Jeremy a lifetime full of love, fun and happiness! Congratulations!