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Rikki: Trial

Posted in Uncategorized on November 13, 2011 by Elisha Evans Styling

On Friday afternoon I got the pleasure of meeting bride-to-be Rikki. She was unsatisfied with her trial by another stylist, so Jeanie Denuzzio from A Simple Vow recommended me. Since the wedding is approaching very quickly we did not hesitate to schedule a trial of her hair and makeup.

Rikki brought with her a few photos of the same half up, half down style. She was looking for soft, romantic curls to lay on her shoulders. She really wanted to add volume on top to separate this style from an average up-do. Rikki also brought with her a cage veil and a sparkly barrette to adorn the style. I love a cage veil so I was really excited!

She was also looking to have makeup applied for the big day. At her first trial Rikki explained that she felt as though the makeup was heavy and not blended the way that she wanted. So she and I talked throughout the trial to make sure that she was more than happy and looking forward to the hair and makeup for her wedding.




I am pleased that I got to work with Rikki so that she would have a better experience with the trial run of her dream wedding hair and makeup. In just two short weeks I get to be a part of her big day and I am excited!