Anna’s Big Day!

I just got home a couple of hours ago from a fantastic trip to Winchester, VA for Anna’s beautiful wedding!

Yesterday morning started early for me as I made the scenic drive to Winchester. When I arrived at the hotel Anna, her friends and family were ready to get started. Everyone was ready to have some fun during the hours leading up to the ceremony.

I started by styling both the mother of the groom and the bride. Nora and Gail couldn’t have been more excited about their children getting married. It was really wonderful to see the two mothers so happy, supportive and calm. I used the blow dryer and a round brush to style each of their hair. After that it was time for the bridal party and the bride!

The maid of honor Kim was next in my chair. Kim has long, blonde hair. She told my about her habit to pull and twist her hair to sit over her right shoulder, so we decided to have her style lay that direction. I began using a tapered curling iron to curl all of her hair. I then pulled it to the right side into a very low ponytail. As I pinned the remaining hair over to the right it created some additional volume in the back. The end result was a cascade of curls and a glamorous side ponytail.

Up next in the chair was sister of the groom and bridesmaid Alicia. She has long, straight red hair with a swoopy side bang. She had a couple of pictures of her ideal style of the day. Starting with a deep side part I braided her hair along each side of her head. I used the tapered iron again and wove her hair into a mass of curls in the back. It was really a fun style and one of my top 5 favorite styles of the year.

Then on to the bride. At her trial, she told me about her beautiful strapless dress and how she wanted to keep her hair very simple and classic. Anna also mentioned that as a young child she always wanted a larger bun for ballet, so I made that happen for her wedding. Her hair was gently pulled into a very low sitting bun, directly behind her right ear. After placing detailed glass flower hair combs, the final outcome was a simple yet very dramatic.

After that, Kristen was next to be styled. She has very long thick hair. She brought in photos of low sitting, messy chignon styles. I used large locks of her hair and curled them slightly to build the style. Weaving these large curls around each other I created an elegant updo, set over to the right side.

Finally I worked with Ellen on her bridesmaid style.  Having shorter hair, Ellen wanted to leave some down but pull the sides and front into two french braids. I loosely curled the hair left down in the back to finish off the romantic look she wanted.

I am so happy that I was able to be there for Anna’s picturesque fall wedding. The day was beautiful but was hardly comparable to the love surrounding her from her family and friends. Congratulations once again to Anna and Nick! Thank you for letting me be a part of the big day and I wish you both all the love and fun in the world!

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