Blast From The Past: Kelly’s Big Day June 2009

I thought I would take a minute to share a few memories and photos from a wedding a couple of years ago when I traveled to Baltimore MD.

Kelly was a very organized bride and when it came time for a trial run she had just one style in mind. She also had a beautiful tiara that she wanted to wear. The style that Kelly wanted was very sleek updo with curls placed high up for a clean and classic look, one that would really allow the tiara to shine.

When it came to the wedding day it was a beautiful, very warm June day in Baltimore so the style Kelly choose was really ideal keeping all of the hair off her neck. She first had her make up and nails done and then I got to work on her hair. She had been growing her hair out and had very long healthy hair. I pulled the hair very high, and smooth.  Then created barrel curls to be placed in a shiny cluster. To soften the look a little Kelly wanted to leave a bit of hair gently curled around her face to one side. After we placed the tiara, her glamorous look was complete.

Kelly’s best friend Liz was the maid of honor and needed a style as well. Liz had not grown her hair out and it was much shorter than Kelly’s but still wanted the illusion of full, longer  updo. I curled all of Liz’s hair and piled it in the back of her head creating a very loose style. It still stands as one of my favorite bridesmaids styles and proves that you don’t need very long hair to have an updo.

I really enjoyed Kelly’s wedding and she was a gorgeous bride. I am glad that I got to be a part of it.

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