Anna: Trial

I have been looking forward to spending the afternoon with Anna, playing with some ideas for her wedding day hair style and today was that day! The last time Anna and I spoke about her hair she was still undecided on a style to go with her wedding gown so I was really excited to see what she had decided to try today.

Anna brought with her a lovely veil, a few barrettes and one picture of the front of a style. As we talked about the back of her hair she explained that she wanted to keep things relatively simple and classic having a low bun or chignon either directly in the back or perhaps off to one side or another. The photo that Anna brought with her had a beautiful example of smooth lines around the face that would lead to the back for just the right about of subtle elegance that she was wanted.

We decided to use today as a trial to see how she would like the bun place to the right of center. As we started building the chignon, I got a little more playful adding some barreled pin curls to the top and sides of a bun. Letting Anna see that classic can have a little chaos too. The pinned curls also gave a nice resting place for a fun clip, one of Anna’s barrettes and of course her veil.

After we finished with the overall style Anna and I took plenty of time to discuss various changes that she and I could both see working for the actual wedding day. We discussed some larger barrettes to either accent her beautiful veil or to stay hidden under the veil till the reception starts. We also talked about a few ways that the veil could be placed within the style. So there will be some other surprises to add to the wedding day!

Anna is one of the sweetest people I know. I am looking forward to traveling to her Virginia wedding in November and meeting her bridal party and family. Once again, congratulations Anna!

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