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Becky’s Big Day!

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Today I traveled to Somerset, PA with my dear friend Nikki to help Becky and her bridal party get read for Becky’s wedding day.

Nikki is a great stylist and had some fun hair to play with today. She and Becky got together not too long ago to practice a wedding day style. They decided on a side ponytail with tons of curls. Since Becky had decided not to wear a veil she created a really fantastic accent piece for her hair, made of white feathers.

Today Nikki was able to recreate their practiced style to by pulling all of Becky’s blonde hair to the left. Lots of voluminous curls cascaded down on to her shoulder. The white feathered clip (that Becky made for herself!) placed nicely on top of the curls. Nikki used a few “trade secrets” to create a lot more curls for Becky’s side do’. Becky made for a gorgeous bride today.

Next, Nikki went on to work with a member of the bridal party named Amy.  Amy brought a picture of Heidi Klum for inspiration. Basically, Amy wanted a giant bun placed high on her head. Nikki got to work using another “trade secret” and smoothed Amy’s hair high up on her head.  Amy choose to also wear a black headband.

While Nikki was working on those lovely ladies I had my hands busy with another member of the bridal party named Christy. She has a lot of hair and wanted to keep it simple, requesting only that her hair be all up, and have a side part. I starting off with a basic bun centered in the back. To keep it a little more exciting, I wove several different strands around the bun. This technique creates a basket weave effect on top of the bun. The bride brought a whole bunch of different barrettes and hair accents for the ladies to use at their will. Christy choose two white flowers and placed them on the right side for a little more fun.

The next member of the bridal I got to meet today was Danni. She has a very fun asymmetrical bob. We decided right away to give her a very deep part and create some loose curls around her face. Danni explained that she really liked her hair to be quite full so we made that happen in the back. To off set the deep part she wanted to use a large flower. We placed this right aside her ear to finish.

Kirsten was next to sit in my chair. She brought two  pictures of a full side ponytail. So the plan was lots of  fullness on the top and the back, then bring the full length of her hair far over to the right side. She has really long hair so the curls fell quite naturally down over her right shoulder. After creating the volume I smoothed her hair over and tucked it right behind her right ear. Kirsten also had a barrette for her hair. I put a large black flower right on top of the ponytail to complete her look for the day.

The final member of the bridal party was Amanda. The length of Amanda’s hair sits just about at her shoulders. She was very quick to say that if her hair was left down in any kind of curls, she had a habit of  playing with them.  Knowing this would cause any curl left down to fall loose, she wanted to eliminate that entirely. I curled all of Amanda’s hair and starting winding the curls around one another making it look as though her hair was twice as long. I pulled both sides of the part to the back and tucked it up to complete an amazing short hair up-do.

I had an absolute blast with Becky and all of her friends today. Getting to work with such a close group of friend is always a treat. Especially when they have more than enough hilarious stories to make the afternoon go faster than you can imagine. As always, I am very happy that I got to be a part of such a special day for Becky and I wish her and her new husband all the love and fun in the world!

Blast From The Past: Kelly’s Big Day June 2009

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I thought I would take a minute to share a few memories and photos from a wedding a couple of years ago when I traveled to Baltimore MD.

Kelly was a very organized bride and when it came time for a trial run she had just one style in mind. She also had a beautiful tiara that she wanted to wear. The style that Kelly wanted was very sleek updo with curls placed high up for a clean and classic look, one that would really allow the tiara to shine.

When it came to the wedding day it was a beautiful, very warm June day in Baltimore so the style Kelly choose was really ideal keeping all of the hair off her neck. She first had her make up and nails done and then I got to work on her hair. She had been growing her hair out and had very long healthy hair. I pulled the hair very high, and smooth.  Then created barrel curls to be placed in a shiny cluster. To soften the look a little Kelly wanted to leave a bit of hair gently curled around her face to one side. After we placed the tiara, her glamorous look was complete.

Kelly’s best friend Liz was the maid of honor and needed a style as well. Liz had not grown her hair out and it was much shorter than Kelly’s but still wanted the illusion of full, longer  updo. I curled all of Liz’s hair and piled it in the back of her head creating a very loose style. It still stands as one of my favorite bridesmaids styles and proves that you don’t need very long hair to have an updo.

I really enjoyed Kelly’s wedding and she was a gorgeous bride. I am glad that I got to be a part of it.

Congratulations Lynetta!

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I am super excited to announce that I get to style for Lynetta’s wedding in October 2012!

I have known Lynetta since sometime in grade school. She is one of the smartest and funniest people, and I am lucky enough to call her a friend. Lynetta and I grew up in a small town in Southeast Missouri and lost touch for a few years as we both moved away. When we got back in touch several years ago, I was happy to find out that she being in Columbus and me being in Pittsburgh made for an easy weekend trip.

Lynetta brought her now fiance to my house for a weekend a couple of years ago and it was great to see how happy they were together (and that he was a good sport about wearing a Halloween costume in front of so many new people.)

I am looking forward to traveling to Columbus, OH  to be there for Lynetta on her big day as she marries such a great guy.

Congrats once again to Netta!

Congratulations Nicole!

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I am super excited to announce that I will be styling for Nicole’s wedding in May!

I will be traveling to Southpointe, PA in May 2012 to spend the day with Nicole and her bridal party. I am looking forward to getting to know Nicole over the next 9 months and see what kind of style she is dreaming of for her big day.

Congrats again to Nicole, May will be here before you know it!


Anna: Trial

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I have been looking forward to spending the afternoon with Anna, playing with some ideas for her wedding day hair style and today was that day! The last time Anna and I spoke about her hair she was still undecided on a style to go with her wedding gown so I was really excited to see what she had decided to try today.

Anna brought with her a lovely veil, a few barrettes and one picture of the front of a style. As we talked about the back of her hair she explained that she wanted to keep things relatively simple and classic having a low bun or chignon either directly in the back or perhaps off to one side or another. The photo that Anna brought with her had a beautiful example of smooth lines around the face that would lead to the back for just the right about of subtle elegance that she was wanted.

We decided to use today as a trial to see how she would like the bun place to the right of center. As we started building the chignon, I got a little more playful adding some barreled pin curls to the top and sides of a bun. Letting Anna see that classic can have a little chaos too. The pinned curls also gave a nice resting place for a fun clip, one of Anna’s barrettes and of course her veil.

After we finished with the overall style Anna and I took plenty of time to discuss various changes that she and I could both see working for the actual wedding day. We discussed some larger barrettes to either accent her beautiful veil or to stay hidden under the veil till the reception starts. We also talked about a few ways that the veil could be placed within the style. So there will be some other surprises to add to the wedding day!

Anna is one of the sweetest people I know. I am looking forward to traveling to her Virginia wedding in November and meeting her bridal party and family. Once again, congratulations Anna!

Stephanie: Trial

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On Saturday I finally got to meet Stephanie for a trial run of her ideal wedding hair. She and I have been talking over the internet about her up coming September Pittsburgh wedding.

She and I met after her first fitting for her bridal gown. So with the dress fresh on her mind we talked about the neckline and the style she had in mind. She decided to try her hair styled all up. We started with a lot of volume at the base of her head. We pinned some loose curls all over the very back of the head and added a headband to pull the whole style together.

The style turned out very beautiful.  Stepahnie has very shiny healthy hair that I get to work with. I am really looking forward to meeting the rest of Stephanie’s bridal party and of course getting to see her on her big day in about 5 weeks!