Ashley’s Big Day!

The bride Ashley loved her trial and wanted to keep things exactly the same tons of long curls cascading down with a bit pulled up on one side for a fun blue flower (that matches her awesome blue shoes) As we curled her blonde hair the shine really started to show in the long curls that fell down around her face and onto her shoulders. We added a lot of fullness at the crown for some real glamour, and of course that fantastic blue flower for fun!

What a beautiful bunch of ladies all looking for a unique style.  All 5 of Ashley’s bridesmaids had different ideas for their styles, which I love!

The first of the ladies decided to have a funky “pony tail” type of up do. Tons of volume in the back with bouncy curls pouring out the back made for a unique and fun look.

The next bridesmaid Leah, wanted a cute half up/half down look with a sleek chignon in the back. She wanted to keep the hair down straight to continue with the sleek theme she liked and to differentiate herself from the other bridesmaids.

Another bridesmaid Carrie choose a half up/half down style, but this bridesmaid wanted tons of big full curls. Her bangs swooped to the side pulled the final look together.

The last two of the bridesmaids Rachel and Kristen, wanted their hair to be all up. One of them with a low-set bun and a fun braid to spice it up. The other wanted a more classic look with curls and loops winded up through the back.

A variety of style is a great way to let your bridesmaids show off their own personal style and these ladies did just that. It’s days like today and wedding parties like this that reinforce why I love what I do. Tons of fun and tons of personality surrounded us all day. I’m so happy that I got to be a part of Ashley’s big day, and I wish the happy new bride and groom many years of love and happiness!

4 Responses to “Ashley’s Big Day!”

  1. Love the braid!

  2. Me too! You know I’m a sucker for a good braid. 😉

  3. Thanks for everything Elisha! All of our hair looked wonderful and we really appreciate you guys coming to the hotel! You’re the best!

  4. As you know wedding are all about the preparation and trials. We love to prepare the flowers and what you have done here with the hair makes us smile. Love the braids and updo’s.wonderful

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