Big Day For Nicole!

When I headed out towards Nicole’s home the temperature could not have been more comfortable. It was a great start to a day full of hair. Not too warm, little humidity and no rain makes for happy hair.

It was an early start at about 7:00am and the lovely bride came first. At our trial we had discussed wearing her hair half up and half down, however a game time decision led Nicole to want to try her hair all down. As the beautiful blonde curls began to fill out I could see that this was going to be a gorgeous look for the wedding. Wanting to keep some of it off the face we pulled a few strategic strands back and wove them in and out of some of the already formed curls hanging loose. The effect gave a glamorous fullness that could easily handle a veil.

We moved on from there to a couple of her Bridesmaids. Erin sat down in the chair and was looking for a side swept up do with lots of curls. She has awesome, thick hair that was really fun to play with and cooperated easily. The curls piled up more full on top and to the right, allowing some loose curls to trail over her shoulder. An important piece that Erin really wanted was for her bangs to be up and out-of-the-way. They were pinned back to ensure a whole day of dancing!

The next Bridesmaid to have a seat was Melissa. She has long brown hair. Melissa was open for just about anything, requesting only that it be up and secure. We took each strand up and built it into an up style that sat right at the back of her head. Not too high but not too low to the neck. Melissa, being a mommy did not need to have hair fall down around her face nor on her shoulders. I really love the way the back turned out.

Next was a Junior Bridesmaid with the kind of hair that we all miss from when we were in 7th grade, full, shiny and healthy. She had been inspired by one of the other Bridesmaids and wanted a style swept to the side. We began curling and building the style towards the left, she too did not want to have any bangs in her face. The unique part of this style was the braid that we decided to use to jazz up the front and the twists pulling again to the left to finish the look.

It was a great morning with some fun ladies and some really pretty hair. I can’t wait to see the photos from the rest of Nicole’s big day! Thanks again to Nicole, her friends and her family for allowing me to be apart of special day. I am very lucky to get to meet so many great people, and of course do some fun hair!

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