Elicia: Trial

I am super excited to share this post with you about Elicia and I getting to play with some hair for the trial run for her November wedding here in Pittsburgh.

Elicia currently lives in South Caroline and was in town to continue with wedding plans and to try a few looks for the big day. A very special part of Elicia’s wedding is the dress she has chosen to wear for her ceremony. It is a vintage dress from the 1950’s that was originally worn by her grandmother and through the years has been passed down for her to wear.  

The 50’s feel of this beautiful dress has inspired Elicia to seek a retro look for her hair.

The feel has been achieved by adding some volume to the crown of the head with some what of a bouffant in mind. Letting the majority of the hair fall down and in an outward flip. This will be the look she wears for the ceremony alone. The band of hair that is pulled tight around her face is not going to move and therefore will not be bothersome. Elicia and I discussed and decided on the day of the wedding that the bouffant will be even fuller which will make a great place for a classic veil to be placed and pull the whole ceremony look together.

For the reception Elicia wanted a look ready for a party! She will be changing out of her grandmother’s gown into a slightly less formal, yet still stunning gown ready to celebrate for the rest of the night. So she needed a second look to keep with the party theme.

Elicia is planning on removing her veil so we needed a fun look but still functional. We took the back of the hair up and out of the way and created a controlled yet chaotic look with curls weaving in and out of each other so she can dance the night away.

I am really looking forward to this fun wedding and I am glad to get to be a part of the fun hair choices that she has made that have been inspired by so many different things. Congrats once again!

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