Ashley: Trial

I got an email from Ashley back in the very beginning of 2011. A mutual friend and great photographer Kristen ( suggested that she give me a call to see if I were free for her July 2011 wedding here in Pittsburgh.

Ashley and I have been in touch for months now talking about everything from her inspiration pics to veils and barrettes. When it came time for us to meet in person Ashley brought a bridesmaid friend with her for the fun. These two ladies were a blast to hang out with for a couple of hours while we tried out a few styles.

Ashley had decided that she wanted her hair down with some natural looking curls. Also we added some height at the crown of the head to bring a little glamour to the hair. Ashley brought with her several hair barrettes and a head band to try. We decided to try a big white flower and a fantastic blue flower. Both looked really great, now she just has to decide on the day of which direction to go!

I am really looking forward to seeing all of the color in Ashley’s upcoming July wedding. From her blue shoes, to the bridesmaid’s orange shoes, this wedding is going to be a blast. I am so happy to be a part of it and can’t wait to meet the rest of her fun friends!

4 Responses to “Ashley: Trial”

  1. Awesome blog, Elisha! I love the way my hair turned out and I am so excited to see you on the big day NEXT WEEK!

  2. Thanks Ashley! I am excited to do your hair again. 11 days!

  3. […] plenty going on in July. I am so excited for Friday July 8th because I get to see a lovely bride (Ashley) […]

  4. […] bride Ashley loved her trial and wanted to keep things exactly the same tons of long curls cascading down with a bit pulled up […]

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